Justin and Chris,
I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for me and for my Brother - and my Son!
Twenty five years ago I hurt my back lifting improperly. For all of that time, I've had nagging pain that I considered "normal" and brief bouts of much more severe pain. I got used to the pain and knew what to do when I tweaked it, which was about every 3 months or so. 
When I finally herniated a disc in December, I had a choice between Chiropractic care and surgery, which was prescribed 25 years ago "when I couldn't take the pain anymore" or "it finally blew out". I'd known Justin at the time for about 2 years and was afraid to come in - if my back hurt, I didn't want anyone touching it. If my back didn't hurt, I didn't want anyone touching it.
So we began spinal decompression therapy (or Magic, as I like to call it now) in January. At the time, I was afraid I no option, other than surgery, which would have put me out of commission for several months and may have forced me to close my business. When I first came in, I was in severe pain. I had to walk with the aid of crutches, took 20 minutes to get out of the house and 5 to get out of the car. Literally bed-ridden for 17 days, other than the bathroom and your office. (Your staff is GREAT, by the way - very compassionate and helpful)
By the end of February, I was pain free and able to go backpacking with my son and 14 Scouts, who wouldn't have been able to go, if I couldn't! As I write this in May, I have had no pain, I understand how my spine operates and when I need to come in, I have more energy and much more vitality. The notion of "normal" back pain is now foreign to me. I only wish I had come in much sooner.
My Brother is seeing similar results after an injury although about 4 months behind me - he was skeptical too. My teenage Son is excited to know more about how his body works and what he can do to be proactive. At 6'2" and projected to be 6'4", it will serve him very well over his lifetime.
All of this to say, Thank You. I appreciate what you have done for me and my family. When friends know where I was in January and where I am now, they want to know more. Actually, by now, they may be tired of hearing about it. I wish more would come in to see you, but please know that I give out your card on a regular basis. Hopefully it won't take severe pain for them to meet you.
Take care. See you soon,